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David de Gea: “Paul Pogba is young but with a lot of experience & fundamental to us.”

Speaking in an interview with Téléfoot, Manchester United shot-stopper David de Gea discussed Tuesday’s clash with PSG, among other things.

On if he is one of the best goalkeepers in the world:

I try to do my work in the best possible way and help the team by pulling off saves and coming across as calm to my team-mates to win matches because that is what is fundamental.

On the impact of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer:

Everyone feels good with him, he wants us to enjoy ourselves on the pitch, that we are just ourselves and that is what we are in the process of doing with these victories. For us, it is magnificent.

On Manchester United vs PSG:

It will be an intense Round of 16 match, a great match to play, very special, against a very good team that has exceptional individuals, amongst some of the best at the moment. They are the favourites but we will be very motivated. We all really want to play in this special match and win it.

Neymar’s absence:

First of all, it hurts me that he will not be there and that such a player cannot play in a match-up that is as important as this is for him, for the team and for the spectacle. It is a real shame, but I think that even if he is a very special player, there are a lot of other players who could replace him, dangerous players and at a very high level. In these types of big matches, it is the small details that make the difference. It will be very tight and I hope that these details will go in our favour.

On Manchester United’s ambitions:

Honestly, we have a team that could win something, with young players who are very ambitious like Paul (Pogba), who is young but has a lot of experience and is fundamental for us. There is also Martial who is unstoppable at the moment in one-on-ones. He is fundamental for our team. We will fight to go all the way to final but first we must eliminate PSG. Then, we will see.



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