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Didier Deschamps was passed information that helped France beat Belgium in the World Cup semi-final

Speaking in an interview with the Journal du Dimanche published today, France boss Didier Deschamps explained the tactical tweaks that he made to overcome Belgium and Uruguay in tricky World Cup encounters last summer.

“I knew – I had information from the players – that the Belgians thought they would really hurt us from set pieces. We changed one or two bits of positioning… The same going forward. The quality of Antoine (Griezmann) made the difference. Against Uruguay we looked centrally where they place their three best headers of the ball. They would all fall back, even when the taker wasn’t yet striking. And at the moment that the taker delivered the ball, they would rush forward to attack the ball. We adapted. Our potential receivers of the ball from our free-kicks knew that Antoine would do a stuttering run up, so they pushed forward to get more space. We attacked the zone in front of the penalty spot to cut the trajectory.”


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