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Dijon are suing their own fan for the racist abuse that he directed at Amiens captain Prince Gouano

Ligue 1 side Dijon have announced that they are suing their own fan, who racially abused Amiens defender Prince Gouano with monkey chanting, last night in a Ligue 1 match which ended 0-0.

“Dijon says no to racism. On Friday night at the Gaston-Gérard stadium, football was the victim of human idiocy. Racist insults from a “supporter” towards Prince Gouano brought about the temporary interruption of the match between Dijon & Amiens. Immediately, everything was put into place to identify and arrest the individual responsible, who does not have any place in a football stadium. These intolerable acts neither have a place on the pitch, nor off of it. The entirety of Dijon offers its support in the most complete way to Amiens captain Prince Gouano. This isolated act is an affront to the values of respect and solidarity that have always been promoted by Dijon. The club has decided to take legal action and wants a strong decision to be taken by justice figures against this individual.”


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