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Edinson Cavani would happily stay in Paris, despite Manchester United & Atletico contact

L’Équipe report tomorrow that Uruguayan international forward and PSG striker Edinson Cavani wants to remain at the club, despite no contract extension forthcoming and the fact that his current deal expires in the summer of 2020.

El Matador told Canal + last weekend the following:

“I have my contract here, another year. I am good, I am calm, I am very happy in this team, with the fans, the city. Aside from that, in football, you never know…”

As of today, no discussion has occurred between the club and Cavani’s representatives regarding a new contract. From the side of the Paris board, they want to wait a little bit longer before making a decision.

As they might be forced to make sales if they intend to bring in a considerable number of recruits this summer, they are not ruling out the possibility of selling the 32-year-old.

As the club’s all-time top-scorer, with 192 goals, he is adored by the Parc des Princes, who would not necessarily be best pleased by a potential Cavani departure. From his point of view, he is quite comfortable.

Even though his start to life in Paris was rocky, with a divorce and being forced out onto the right-wing when Zlatan Ibrahimovic was still at the club, he has made it clear over the last two years to those close to him that he feels more and more at ease in the French capital.

His children now regularly come to see him, even if they live with their mother in Naples. Whilst PSG appear in no rush to extend Cavani’s contract, he is in no particular hurry to see it happen either.

As of January 2020, he will be able to sign for any club of his choosing, with a likely sizeable signing-on fee to boot. According to his entourage, he is also open to beginning extension talks with PSG Sporting Director Antero Henrique.

For PSG, to see a man they paid €64m for in 2013 leave on a free transfer does not seem possible – at 32, Cavani certainly won’t command the fee that he once did, but El Matador still retains considerable market value. The other part of the decision-making process falls with manager Thomas Tuchel: does he see a future for the MCN trio up-front next season, or would he like to continue to see Kylian Mbappé play centrally on his own? Only the German will be able to answer.

In any case, the relationship between Cavani and Tuchel so far has been hardly idyllic and if the German was to only promise the Uruguayan a spot on the bench next season, it would be a way of essentially forcing El Matador out the exit door.

He does not lack suitors, Manchester United and Atletico Madrid have never stopped their consistent communication with the player’s entourage. A departure to a more exotic destination has been ruled out by the player’s camp at this stage and we are highly unlikely to see Cavani playing in Qatar, China or Saudi Arabia next.


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