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Florian Thauvin on his future: “I am not in a rush.”

Speaking in an interview with RTL, Marseille winger Florian Thauvin discussed his future with the club.

“I have another two years on my contract with Marseille. It is true that we are going to come to turning point for me so we will have to speak to the club as I am under contract, but the club also has to decide. We will be able to decide together on what would be a good decision for Marseille and for me, then we will see what happens. As I have always said, I am very happy at Marseille. I am proud to play for this club and am absolutely not in a rush to leave. If I am to do another two years at Marseille, I will do them with great pleasure… I am very interested in working with him (Villas-Boas). He has been in big clubs, he is a truly great manager.”



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