Franck Ribéry turns down AS Monaco, but still wants to play on

36-year-old French winger Franck Ribéry has told L’Équipe that he does not intend to retire and wants to continue playing after leaving Bayern Munich when his contract expired last month.

“I still want to play for another two years with another club that has ambition. I am still feeling good and I need a footballing challenge. My last goal for Bayern Munich, in the match for the title against Eintracht Frankfurt, proved it. It was maybe one of the best of my career. It will definitely remain one of the most important… I still have gas in the tank. I have the experience, the shape and the motivation. I can still provide a lot.”

“I need to think about my family and my children (three daughters & two sons). They feel very good in Munich. It is difficult for them to leave school. I also need to figure out the best solution for them.”

Sheffield United have had him in mind for some time, but the French winger has bigger ambitions. AS Monaco also approached him, but he had no intention to return to Ligue 1. Italian clubs have made contact, as well as a famous Brazilian outfit, with the latter side offering him a handsome financial situation until December 2020.


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