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Fulham defender Maxime Le Marchand on how to beat Manchester United: “They leave space behind Pogba & Herrera.”

Speaking in an interview with RMC Sport, Fulham’s French central defender Maxime Le Marchand offered insight into how PSG might beat Manchester United tonight, after facing the Mancunian outfit last weekend in London.

“As the two midfielders push up higher, there are spaces behind the backs of Pogba and Herrera. So, they need to take advantage of those spaces… We knew that potentially by pressing them, we could win the ball back, something that we were not able to do, but on this point, there will be chances. And it is over-archingly on the point of recovering the ball, coming out of the first wave of pressure to find spaces behind their backs… If they (PSG) are able to be very good technically and find spaces, that could be where the key is. As I said, there are those that push up very high like Pogba, Martial and Shaw, who bring things in the attacking sense. And that is where Mbappé will have to take advantage of those spaces.”



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