Hackers tried to rob Amiens of €2m from their Tanguy Ndombele sell-on percentage fee

France Bleu Picardie report that Ligue 1 side Amiens were the victims of an attempting hack that sought to extract €2m of the €12m they received from the Tanguy Ndombele to Tottenham deal owing to a sell-on percentage fee clause they had.

On the 3rd of August, whilst Amiens were organising the arrival of Leganes for their final friendly match of pre-season, the internal email server of the club was hacked. A €600k invoice was intercepted and an attempt was made to divert the funds to an account in Spain. Thankfully for Amiens, the money transfer was blocked in time.

The uncovering of this attempt enabled the club see that other attempted hacks had occurred in recent times, two in fact, relating to the transfer of players. The attempted hackers, who are still yet to be identified per the outlet, were also attempting to take a portion of Noam Emeran’s transfer fee when he moved to Manchester United.

A formal police investigation has been opened to uncover the criminals.

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