How French Football Players Spend Their Free Time

Now that the French leagues are underway, the players will be focused on each match, their training and daily routines to achieve the best success.

But it can’t be all work and no play, surely? Most of you will know what’s like to work all the time and not relax. For many professional footballers, it’s the same — even though they’re achieving what most of us would consider as a dream.

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Let’s see what French football players like to do in their free time.

Professionals Need to Relax Too

What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you imagine what the pros do after a hard week of training? Yoga? Movies? Gaming?

FIFA — Footballers are Football Gamers

They just can’t seem to stay away. Alexandre Lacazette is known to chill in front of the iconic FIFA gaming franchise. Gaming has been reported to be an excellent source of improving cognition, and we know that the general public turn to gaming as a source of escapism. Surely, the professionals need to do the same?

It can be seen somewhat odd that their favourite games are still football-related, although the two modes of football are so distant from each other that they’re just mixing their passion and ability for the game with a love for video games.

Football Manager

No, no, we’re not saying footballers manage the sport in their free time, although some would argue they do that anyway. French favourite Ousmane Dembélé spent his time during the Russia World Cup knee-deep in managing his self-created team through the popular Football Manager game.

It’s more difficult for players to get downtime when they’re travelling on international duty. The camp is a hub of activity, with meetings between matches, training sessions and physio times. It’s not as if players can talk a walk out of their team hotel to relax — they just get swamped by the media at every opportunity.

Yoga and Chill

Of course, it doesn’t need to be said how relaxing yoga proves to be. But, its benefits extend far beyond what happens on the mat. The fitness and cardiovascular benefits extend into so many areas of our lives. This includes nutrition, confidence and drive — key factors in the women’s Olympique Lyonnais string of success.

Marginal Gains

You know what it feels like after you’ve put aside a chunk of time to sit back and relax. It can be hard to switch off from professional life. Being constantly in the media, for both good and bad, can take its toll. Constantly having to hold yourself accountable in public can be a difficult and demanding task.

Stepping back and focusing on you, your nutrition, social relationships and escapism are all keys to obtaining marginal gains for ultimate success. How often do you see the very best in the world snapped by the press leaving bars and clubs late during the season? You just don’t. It’s those sacrifices and the focusing on football that pushes the very best French footballers to success.

Arsenal’s Matteo Guendouzi’s ambition of playing for Les Bleus is a perfect example of this drive.

Less Scrutiny, More Support for Les Bleus

With the French clubs and Les Bleus not having as much recent success as expected, perhaps we can do more to let the players have their own time away from the game. Maybe the constant pressure gets to them more than we realise? What’s clear is that, despite being surrounded by football constantly, many players look to football games as a way to relax.


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