Jamie Vardy on Claude Puel: “The intensity in training sessions was too low.”

Speaking in an interview with L’Équipe, Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy looked back on his relationship with former boss Claude Puel.

“Ah, I know what you are referencing. Last January, the atmosphere around the club in general was a bit low because we were facing a series of bad results. So I said to myself that I could improve the atmosphere by participating in training disguised as Spiderman. Why Spiderman? Well my boots at training where blue and red and I wanted everything to match. Because I was boiling, I took the suit off after the warm-up, but it made the whole team laugh, so my objective was achieved. On that day, I also hid behind a bush to appear as Spiderman and to give the coaching staff a fright. I do not think that made Claude (Puel) laugh…”

“We got on well, but I had the impression that the intensity in training sessions was too low, to the point that it was difficult for us to be quick and aggressive in matches. Everyone who does a sport knows that if you train a certain way, you cannot radically change the way you are when you are competing… It was as if we were preparing for a marathon, but that, on match-day, we were being asked to run the 100m. We tried to give our best, but it wasn’t working, it was frustrating.”


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