Jamie Vardy on N’Golo Kanté: “One day he said to us he was seriously considering running into training.”

Speaking in an interview with L’Équipe, Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy discussed his time with N’Golo Kanté between 2015 and 2016.

“What a pleasure it was to play alongside N’Golo! He is an adorable guy alongside being a fantastic footballer: when we lost the ball, wherever that happened on the pitch, boom, he would appear and win it back for us. In training, it was so easy for him that I was convinced that he intentionally gave the ball away sometimes just to enjoy winning it back again… One day he said to us that he was seriously considering running to the training centre each day, which came from the fact that he would always add a little running session for himself. In the moment, we were all a bit taken aback and convinced him not to. In any case, each time that we saw him arrive at training with his Mini Cooper, we were reassured.”

“Last month, after our match at Stamford Bridge, he came to say hello to us in the dressing room. The first thing that I asked him was: “Are you still driving your Mini Cooper, mate?” He said to me that he had sent the model that he had at Leicester back to France but that he had bought a new Mini Cooper in the meantime!”


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