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Jean-Michel Aulas delays Bruno Génésio contract decision until the end of the season

Last night in a unique press conference, Lyon President Jean-Michel Aulas announced that a decision on manager Bruno Génésio’s contract extension would be delayed until the end of the season.

Jean-Michel Aulas:

“I met with Bruno. We agreed that if we went to the final and if we finished on the podium, there would be an extension for two years. I was happy to offer this new deal because I believe that he has done very good work. Sadly, we are not going to a final. So we are going to remain in this state. The decision will be made at the end of the season. I think Bruno for playing the game. He is performing well, he is discreet and he respected the deal. This should serve as a lesson for journalists. I am sad to not be able to announce this extension. I intended to announce at the end of the season, but Bruno wanted to know. The extension is not completely out of the question, but will depend on results. He might also want to listen to other offers.”

“I have met with 12 supporter groups. I tried to explain the methods we took to arrive at the right decision for the club. I find the way the press functions to be disappointing. Everything that was said was false, sadly for Bruno and the club. I am angry about what was said without knowledge. It is a sin of pride that is unhealthy. We did a lot of work on what was best for the institution. We analysed what could be good or bad for the institution over the next few years. The supporters told me that they felt like there were fewer people at the stadium, despite the fact that we have been breaking attendance records.”

Bruno Génésio:

“I am disappointed about the elimination. I have personal interests that come after the institution. I am disappointed to not go to the final. I confirm what the president said. There are 8 league matches left and I am going to give everything I have to take the club to the Champions’ League. That is the most important thing. The aim is to come back to at least 3 points behind Lille before we play against them.”


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