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Jean-Pierre Bernès explains split from client Nabil Fékir

Speaking to Europe 1, top French football agent Jean-Pierre Bernès announced that his contract with Lyon captain Nabil Fékir has ended.

“I finished my contract on the 17th of April. It was a decision that was made. He will certainly find another agent. It is like every human relationship, from time to time, there can be divergences of opinions on someone’s future, or someone’s behaviour… Bearing in mind my experience in the job of an agent, I do not know rocket science, but I am unlikely to be wrong about career projections or the attitudes that one requires. When players want to change direction, their career, often, they cause their own collapse.”

“To get into a top 10 club is very difficult, there needs to be demand for you. And you cannot ascribe importance to agents that they don’t have. When you have a great player and a great club wants him, it is the great club that comes to see you. You don’t solicit them.”



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