Jean Pierre Rivère on relationship with Patrick Vieira: “He took our departure badly.”

Speaking to RMC during an event on Thursday night, OGC Nice President Jean-Pierre Rivère discussed his relationship with manager Patrick Vieira.

“There are no tensions with Patrick. He took our departure (when Rivère and Julien Fournier quit in January) badly, and we took certain other things badly and full stop. We explained ourselves to each other, we had it all out, I think that we haven’t forgotten anything. Now, we are in a project. We are 100% behind the coach. He is 100% in the project so there is no longer an issue, it is in the past.”

“We have an ambitious project that will take some time to be put in place. Nobody is expecting anything from us, we need to have a lot of humility, I think that we are going to have to work a lot. We hope that Le Gym is going to grow little by little, reach the heights but we are going to need time. Our position has been very clear, we know that this is a transition season. The fans are very lucid about that, there is not going to be some sort of announcement in the future that’s going to disappoint them.”


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