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José Mourinho flirts with PSG, believes he can solve their problems

Speaking in an exclusive interview with L’Équipe this morning, Portuguese manager José Mourinho discussed Ligue 1 champions PSG.

“Today it is a club with an international dimension, with the players they have at world class level. They have not yet won at the European level and that is very important. It is the same thing that I say for the managers: you can have a lot of qualities, but if you come to the end of your career and you have not won anything in Europe, then there will always be something missing. Now PSG are in this phase: winning all the time in France, like Juventus or Bayern. They are the leaders of French football, but sit just behind Europe’s biggest clubs.”

On PSG’s most recent Champions’ League elimination, at the hands of Manchester United:

I do not want to offer an explanation. I think that I know the reasons why, but I will not make all of my analyses public. Manchester United, I do not want to talk about them. And I have the feeling that I do not need to talk about them, because time explains it all: no need for their ex-manager to talk about them. For Manchester United, this victory was a bit “out of context,” even if we won in Turin in the group stage. For PSG, I think I know the reasons why a bit, tactical and mental.


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