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José Mourinho: “I cannot tell you that Paul Pogba was the only one responsible.”

Speaking in an interview with L’Équipe, José Mourinho looked back on his time with Manchester United.

“On Manchester United, I only want to say two things. One is that time is talking for me. Secondly, the problems are still there… The problems are there, one could imagine that they are the players, the organisation, the ambition, I am saying that you cannot say yes when you ask if Paul was the only one responsible.”

The conflicts with Anthony Martial are they comparable to the tensions you had with Karim Benzema at Real Madrid?

With Karim, it was not a conflict, I only wanted to help the player – a player with incredible talent – to change his mentality, help him reach the top. To become a killer, a determined centre-forward. I really liked working with Karim.

Less with Anthony?

He is a boy with a different personality. The think that I can say, is that I hope that he will reach the dimension that matches his real potential.


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