José Mourinho talks Luis Campos with L’Équipe: “He is achieving his dream.”

Speaking to L’Équipe, José Mourinho discussed the incredible success of Lille’s de-facto Sporting Director Luis Campos.

How do you perceive him?

He is a great professional who is arriving at the peak of his powers. His skill-set is very complete. He was manager, notably. He has accumulated experience at all levels. He profits from this. He is very intelligent and, also, available 24/7. He lives, eats and thinks football. He has made a connection with the club, manager and the financial aims of Lille. A team is not an accumulation of players. It is a puzzle which you have to put together. He has found this role which he likes a lot. He does not want to become a manager again. He wants to be the best Sporting Director possible. He is achieving his dream in the sense that he is doing the job that he had always hoped to do.

You came to Lille twice last season. What do you think of his work?

I came to Lille and I will come back because I am friends with the two Portuguese guys who work at Lille and with Luis Campos. I also have an excellent relationship with Christophe (Galtier). What I have seen was very positive. At Lille, it was as if I was at home. I was with my friends watching all their work. I am truly happy to come to Lille.

In what sense is Luis Campos the modern recruiter?

I know a lot of recruiters. I am not going to make a comparison with others. I am not going to say that Luis is the best. But I can say that he is a great Sporting Director. I speak often with him. I know his ways of work. He works an enormous amount. One day, I speak to him on the phone. He is in Chile. Two days later, I call him and he is in Argentina. He is a fantastic professional.


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