Kévin N’Doram tests negative for alcohol & drugs after crash left team-mate Manuel Cabit without feeling in his legs

A Reims prosecutor has confirmed that 23-year-old defensive midfielder on loan from AS Monaco at Metz this season, Kévin N’Doram, was neither under the influence of alcohol nor drugs when he lost control of his vehicle travelling at over 180km/h.

The accident has left his team-mate, left-back Manuel Cabit, without feeling in his legs, this despite the latter undergoing two sets of medical procedures in an attempt to right the effects of the accident, according to Le Parisien.

The Reims prosecutor did add that the speed at which N’Doram was travelling “raises questions… we have to wait for everyone to be hear and the conclusions of the technical verifications. We don’t expect a result for several weeks.”

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