Kia Joorabchian: “Barcelona should not lie about their player.”

Speaking with RMC, super agent Kia Joorabchian offered an update on the future of his Brazilian client Philippe Coutinho.

“As I said to you last time, Pep Segura (Barça DoF) told me that Coutinho was not available for a Barcelona departure. Josep Bartomeu (Barça President) told me the same thing last week in Barcelona. The president was clear: he had no intention of selling the player, no matter which club was interested. With this discourse in mind, we decided not to look at the market for our player, out of respect for the decision made by Barcelona to keep him. We have therefore not looked at what other clubs are offering.”

“But I have since learnt, and it is a fact, that André Curry (Barça’s South America representative), is saying something completely different. He is pushing for Coutinho to be included in a transfer that would see Neymar move from PSG. As I have said to you, Coutinho does not have any offers from any club because he respected Barcelona’s decision. But they are not respecting what they told us. I remained silent in this period, but it can no longer be that Barcelona are allowed to lie about their player. They have to tell the truth! And if they want Coutinho to go, they need to say so. And with the player, we will then decide what is best for his future.”

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