Kylian Mbappé: “I said to Neymar, I am not coming for your status as superstar.”

Speaking in an interview with France Football, Kylian Mbappé discussed his relationship with Neymar at PSG.

“When I arrived in Paris, there was not a debate. It was him (Neymar) who was the superstar, that I had come to shoulder, help. He injured himself, he did not have a successful World Cup and I won it. And at that point, stories started to come out about a supposed rivalry between us, about my apparent desire to take his place. I was upset to hear all that. When I came back to the Camp des Loges in August 2018, the first thing that I did was to catch up with “Ney” to tell him: “Maybe you didn’t have a successful World Cup… which was a good thing for us (France). But, here, don’t worry, I will not be treading on your toes. I will “play” for the France Football Ballon D’Or this year because you are not in the race for it, but I assure you that I do not want your place, you can keep it. I am always here to help you.”

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