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Kylian Mbappé was scared of meeting Pelé: “It was a bit like meeting someone from a book.”

Speaking to France Football, PSG forward Kylian Mbappé revealed that he was scared last week ahead of his meeting with Brazilian footballing legend Pelé.

“I was a little bit scared of coming across badly to such an individual. It has happened to everyone: you ask yourself loads of questions, some more intelligent than others, before a face-to-face and you doubt yourself a bit. He was presented to me as someone who likes to banter, I wondered how he would treat me, and if I would be able to banter back. I’ll admit I thought out my first approach, my first words. I really didn’t want to disappoint him… When it came to it, it was like being in front of a monument. I felt very small. The only other person who has had that impression on me is Zidane. When I ran into him, I remember that I felt very small. He was bringing out all these things. Here, it was the same. Maybe even stronger because it felt surreal. For me, he is the king of football and part of the history. It is a bit like meeting someone from a book.”



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