Laurent Boissier is returning to Nîmes as Sporting Director

L’Équipe report Ligue 1 side Nîmes are about to announce the return of Sporting Director Laurent Boissier, just over a month after he informed the media of his resignation on the 10th of July.

The newspaper then reported that Boissier had quit because he felt he could no longer work with club president Rani Assaf.

Boissier said to the newspaper on 11th July:

“I have been the Sporting Director for 4 years, but I have been at the club for 16 years. I worked at the food stand, the club house, I gave the youngsters in the youth centre breakfast… I did it all. But I also have three children who I have not yet seen grow up much and I want to do that more. It is maybe an egotistical decision, but, in four years, it is the first decision that I am taking for myself.”

He has now taken another, which will be sure to delight the Les Crocos faithful.

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