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Layvin Kurzawa on media perception: “I’ve always been seen as a stupid idiot.”

Speaking in an interview with Canal Football Club, PSG left-back Layvin Kurzawa discussed the wider media perception of him after a difficult two years for the player professionally.

“It has always been like that. It is true that I had two difficult years mentally & physically. Mentally, I am back and physically, everything will come back. That is what people are not expecting and that is what I will give them. I was young and I was criticised a lot. Today, people speak, but I really don’t give a s**t actually. People are there to speak, people like you (points at the journalists), that doesn’t affect me anymore. I know what I need to do, I am a father of a family today, I was seen as a stupid idiot, even though I am not one. I made mistakes when I was young, mistakes that many players were able to make apart from me. I was more publicised over certain other people because I played for AS Monaco and then for PSG, because I am a top quality player quite simply.”


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