Leonardo Jardim: “The referee wanted St Étienne to win the match.”

Speaking to Canal Plus and then to additional reporters in the mixed zone after tonight’s 1-0 loss to St Étienne, AS Monaco manager Leonardo Jardim launched an astonishing tirade against the officiating.

“The match was very balanced, I do not understand how it is possible to give St Étienne’s goal when there is an enormous foul in the middle before. The refereeing team wanted to give the win to St Étienne. It is a balanced match, so, who has given the victory? The referee, of course… It is incredible, despite all the mechanisms in place in France. Anyone on TV could have seen that. 99% of people think the same thing and nobody among the people whose job this is says anything. Last week, we had a goal against Nantes chalked off, because the referees looked for some offside that happened two minutes before. Today, this happens: 4 minutes of added time with two red cards and six substitutions! I do not understand, I am disappointed because I am a professional and I like for professionals in football to be respected. With this attitude, there is no respect.”

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