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L’Équipe’s 2019 French Sportsperson Rich List

L’Équipe Magazine have revealed their latest French Sportsperson Rich List for 2019, as Antoine Griezmann tops the pile for the 1st time ever. The headline amount detailed for each individual is the amount of earnings pre-tax over the last 12 month period.

1 | Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid – Footballer) – €33m | + €13.9m [Up 2 places]

Paul Pogba finished top in 2018, at €22.2m – the midfielder dethroned basketball player Tony Parker, capitalising on his luxury contract with Manchester United. Griezmann has been able to jump to the top of this year’s list after profiting from the battle between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid for his services, providing him with a €1.7m a month salary net with Atleti, double the amount he received in his previous contract (€833k a month net).

This resulted in Griezmann earning €15m a year net in 2018 purely from salary – no French sportsperson has ever earned that much from purely salary over a 12 month period. With the 45% tax rate in Madrid, that translates into €27m a year gross.

In 2019, when this new contract will be enforced over all 12 months of the year, if Griezmann stays at Atleti, he will collect €20m a year net purely from salary.

Other earnings pick-ups in 2018 included sponsorship deals with Gillette, Puma, Huawei and Head & Shoulders, as well as the €400k World Cup winning bonus from the French Football Federation, as well as other add-ons from Atletico Madrid, notably for winning the Europa League.

2 | Kylian Mbappé (PSG – Footballer) – €24.7m | + €14.1m [Up 9 places]

The generation-defining talent has enjoyed his 1st full 12 months of PSG salary (€1.55m a month gross last season, up now to €1.73m a month gross), making him the second highest paid player at PSG behind only Neymar. On the sponsorship deals side, his contracts with Nike and watch-maker Hublot enable him to pocket an additional €4m a year.

3 | Paul Pogba (Manchester United – Footballer) – €22.1m | – €0.1m [Down 2 places]

The “Pog” has had another stable 12 months financially – his salary at Manchester United has not increased sinc elast year, sticking at £290k a week, €1.4m a month gross. Since the departure of José Mourinho, Pogba is enjoying himself with the Red Devils, and the outlet speculates that the Frenchman could sign a contract extension in the coming months. The confirmation of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as manager on a permanent basis should help the midfielder’s decision making.

Pogba’s contract with Adidas, worth €40m over 10 years, was recently renegotiated to the Frenchman’s financial benefit, after he became a World Cup winner. Like all of his World Champion colleagues, Pogba received his €400k bonus from the FFF. His earnings are down this year only because the value of sterling has dropped against the Euro with the continued Brexit uncertainty.

4 | Karim Benzema (Real Madrid – Footballer) – €22m | + €5.7m [Up 1 place]

Even without becoming a World Cup winner, the 31-year-old Real Madrid attacker has had a bountiful last 12 months – Benzema extended his contract, in September 2017 (until 2021) with earnings tied to his performances and that of the club. And the 2017/18 season went relatively well (a 3rd Champions’ League in a row, Club World Cup, 2 super cups), which individually, as bonuses, produced an impressive return for Benz, who earned €18m gross in salary and bonuses from Real Madrid over the last 12 months. Benzema remains the international icon of Adidas also, a deal that earns him €2.5m a year.

5 | Nicolas Batum (Basketball player) – €20.9m | + €2m [Down 1 place]

6 | Rudy Gobert (Basketball player) – €20.6m | + €15.2m [Up 32 places]

7 | Ousmane Dembélé (FC Barcelona – Footballer) – €19.1m | + €8.4m [Up 3 places]

8 | Joakim Noah (Basketball player) – €17.5m | + €1.4m [Down 2 places]

9 | Evan Fournier (Basketball player) – €15.2m | = [Down 2 places]

10 | Franck Ribéry (Bayern Munich – Footballer) – €14.3m | + €0.4m [Up 1 place]


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