Lilian Thuram reacts to Moise Kean – Leonardo Bonucci racism controversy

Speaking to Le Parisien, former French national team defender and current anti-racism campaigner Lilian Thuram responded to the racism that Moise Kean was subjected to during a match in Cagliari earlier this week and the comments that Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci had on the incident immediately after.

“He said what lots of people think: “Black people deserve what’s coming to them.” He claimed a shared responsibility of 50-50 between the supporters and Kean. When we think about it, Kean’s own team-mate is saying that he deserves to be subjected to monkey chants and that the supporters can continue doing it! The right question to ask of Bonucci is the following: “What did Kean do to deserve monkey chants? To deserve so much hate?” Never does he say to the supporters that they were wrong to act in this way but that the player somehow had it coming. The reaction of Bonucci is as violent as the monkey chants. It is like when a young woman is raped and some point to the way in which she was dressed. It is because of people like this that we are not advancing here.”


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