Lucas Digne defends “I’ll never walk alone” tattoo

Speaking in an interview with France Football, French international and Everton left-back Lucas Digne sought to explain why he had a tattoo on him that read “I’ll never walk alone,” seemingly inspired by the famous song of the Merseyside club’s bitter rivals, Liverpool.

“It was the Liverpool supporters who spotted that. When I explained how and why behind my tattoo, our supporters completely understood. There are zero problems. My parents offered me a medallion when I was 4, for my very first day at school. On top of it was engraved: “I’ll never walk alone.” The reference from my tattoo comes from here. It has nothing to do with football. It is a homage to my parents. The Liverpool fans tried to say that I was a fan of their club, but they don’t know something: I rejected their club twice. Before going to PSG and before going to Barcelona. The Everton fans adored that.”


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