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Lyon – Marcelo Gallardo rumours wide of the mark

L’Équipe journalist Cyril Olivès-Berthet reports this evening that speculation linking River Plate manager Marcelo Gallardo to the Lyon job are wide of the mark.

The 43-year-old has no intention of accepting the challenge and wants to stay in Argentina with the arrival of his 4th son due to occur in July. Contacts were had, but it was quickly discarded as a possibility.

Gallardo enjoys an old “English” style manager role at River Plate, with say over all aspects of the club, and on a very big contract – only a top European club will be able to draw him from River, the journalist adds.

Bruno Génésio revealed in a special press conference yesterday afternoon that he would be stepping down as OL manager at the end of this season when his current contract expires:

“For a while now, I have been facing a negative climate towards me, which has become negative for the players, the club. I will not be continuing next season with Lyon… All of this has been decided in the best interests for the club, the institution… I hope that this will lead to a better environment for the rest of the season, to qualify for the Champions’ League. When the players found out, they supported me. Even commended me for dealing with this difficult situation & everything that has gone on.  It is the world of the internet, social media. With hindsight, I think that even if we went to the Coupe de France final & we finished 2nd, the context around me would not have changed… Staying at the club is a possibility… in a function to be defined.”


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