Lyon President Aulas provides managerial search update in telephone press conference

Speaking as part of a telephone press conference this morning, Lyon President Aulas provided an update on the Ligue 1 club’s search for a new manager.

On the current situation:

We have 10 games left to rectify things before the end of the calendar year. We are fairly confident from a footballing plan perspective… Of course, we have some ground to make up but we will react quickly. We are 7 points off the podium, the aim is to get there in 10 matches, between now and the end of the 1st half of the season, which will put as back in line with our aims. Certainly, we are behind, but there is nothing dramatic going on.

On Sylvinho:

I did not know of him before Juninho told me about him. I had no interest in taking a Sporting Director and Head Coach for the sole purpose of pleasing the fans… The defensive style that he offered created a destabilising effect in terms of the normal attacking style of Lyon. We made a mistake but in general we don’t make a mistake twice.

On the next manager:

It will be a collective decision but it will ultimately be made by Juni. There is a list, some names are in the press but the list is not exhaustive. We are not adverse to a surprise. There is one thing that I know in football, that is that I know nothing. In football, there is no definitive reality. Does he have to be experienced and know Ligue 1? In your opinion? Mine would undoubtedly be the same as yours… In terms of the composition of the backroom staff, we rule nothing out. Gérard (Baticle) has a unique skillset, he is a constant source of satisfaction. He will oversee the interim with our full support. All sorts of combinations are possible.

On Juninho:

It was indeed Juninho who took the decision to change manager, he even had this view a little earlier on. He is going to continue to take responsibility on the football side in the same way… He is a boy who breathes football. I am enriching myself by spending time by his side. In the first matches, he detected a certain number of problems. It is he who explained his decision to Sylvinho.

On Laurent Blanc:

If he was my priority, I wouldn’t tell you.

On Patrick Vieira:

He is certainly one of the managers that I like the most. Gérard Houllier knows him well after they rubbed shoulders in New York. Sadly, he is under contract, he is not free.

On José Mourinho:

We had some fairly flattering exchanges over SMS. It was nice for everyone. He did not accept our proposal to meet because he has already chosen another club.

On Rémi Garde:

He has not yet been contacted but it is a possible route. For the moment, talks haven’t happened but maybe they will.



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