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Lyon President Aulas reacts to donkey fiasco: “Those who want to boo players will no longer come to the stadium.”

Speaking in the mixed zone after Lyon qualified for the Champions’ League knock-out rounds, club president Jean Michel Aulas appeared to declare war on a section of the club’s fans following the emergence of donkey-gate this evening.

“Memphis Depay showed his extraordinary character and that he is an exemplary captain. He did what I would’ve done. When you boo a player after having secured qualification, you should not be in the stadium. The supporter who unveiled this anti-Marcelo banner, because we have the video, will be sanctioned in a very firm way by the club and by the president. I will go see him, I will go see the supporter groups. These are things we cannot accept as members of the board. I have been at this for 32 years. Today, Lyon has qualified for the 12th time for the knockout rounds of the Champions’ League. Of course the players are sad to have seen this brute pull out a banner… I am also sad, but I focus on the positives: France has a second team qualified for the knockout rounds of the Champions’ League and this is truly very good news. Those who want to boo players will no longer come to the stadium, I can’t be any clearer than that.”

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