Lyon to sanction Marcelo for unseemly gesture towards fans amid donkey-gate

RMC report that Ligue 1 side Lyon have decided to act quickly following last night’s farce that unravelled immediately after the club qualified for the Champions’ League knockout stages with a 2-2 draw against RB Leipzig.

A fan ran onto the pitch and unfurled a donkey banner with the words “Marcelo leave the club” on it. Marcelo was caught on camera reacting by putting up two of his fingers in an unseemly fashion.

Lyon will ban the banner-waving culprit from the stadium because of the insulting nature of the banner in question. They wish to affirm that generally they allow all banners into the stadium, unless they are hurtful, because they put freedom of expression first.

This man, who OL have yet to formally identify, will not be the only individual punished. Marcelo will also be sanctioned because of his reaction. In better news, a Lyon source told RMC that they have reviewed the footage and confirmed that no punches were thrown, neither by players nor by fans, during the melee that followed the banner being unfurled.

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