Marco Verratti: “I would have no problem finishing my career here.”

Speaking in an interview with Téléfoot, Italian international midfielder and PSG man Marco Verratti discussed his career, Neymar and Leonardo.

On his PSG career to date:

For me this has been a wonderful story. It is true that when I came here, I did not expect to stay here for many years. But I have because I feel like this club gives me all that I am looking for in football. I would have no problem finishing my career here. People continue to say ‘Why don’t you have another experience.’ Because for me here is like it was on the first day. I still enjoy the team atmosphere and winning here will feel different to being in any other team. This year, with this squad, if we have no issues, I think we can do a lot in the Champions’ League.

On Leonardo:

I have known him for a long time. We stayed in contact when he left PSG. When there were little problems, we would speak. PSG made a very good decision to bring him back.

On Neymar:

He is well, he is happiest when he is on the pitch, but he is working well. At one moment, he decided to leave. Aside from that he has been through difficult moments. That is why sometimes, you want to go back to a place where you feel a bit more liked. But in the end, he stayed and is training better than before. He knows that he has to make up for something (with the fans) and wants to come back as quickly as possible.

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