Marco Verratti on Neymar: “I would prefer him to stay.”

Speaking in an exclusive interview with RMC, Italian international and PSG midfielder Marco Verratti was asked about the future of team-mate Neymar.

“I have not been able to speak much with him, but I think that he has experienced a difficult period, notably in terms of his injury that prevented him from playing the Copa America, because he had planned specifically to come back to be part of it. He also has dealt with some difficult moments in his private life, which has been talked about a lot…”

“Of course I would be disappointed to see him go. He is a truly great player. These things are between him and the club. I have never heard him say that he wants to leave, but I don’t know what he has said to the club. Personally, of course I would prefer him to stay.”

“PSG were not under any obligation to make me stay (when he was close to moving to Barcelona two years ago), because I think that if a player wants to leave, at the end he will always find a way to do so. And it is better that way, otherwise the club keeps someone who doesn’t want to be there, someone against the club… When a player really wants to leave, the club must let him go. On the financial conditions set by the club of course. But you should not keep a player who wants to leave.”


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