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Mario Balotelli smashed a tactics whiteboard after being substituted in a game vs Nîmes & then disobeyed Patrick Vieira

Speaking as part of an Interieur Sport programme, Mario Balotelli explains why he broke the tactics whiteboard in the dressing room after a Ligue 1 match at Nîmes.

“At Nîmes, I was annoyed because I was substituted. I was annoyed because I asked him why I was substituted, and he said it was because he did not believe in me. Then I got annoyed.”

Patrick Vieira then walked out of the dressing room to find Balotelli, telling the Italian: “You threw it on the floor, you will pick it up! Everything on the floor, you will pick up!”

To which Balotelli later reflected on:

“No. If he hadn’t replaced me, nothing would have been on the floor.”

Patrick Vieira walked back into the changing room, to give a post-match team talk:

“Is everyone here? (Apart from Mario) Let him stay outside, some people think that we need them in order to win a match. The team is more important not an individual player, if he wants to go outside let him go outside. No problem.”

Balotelli reflected on what is likely now to be his final 6 months with Nice:

“It is true that I have struggled to play in this system, I get less chances this season than I did in the previous two. The players are different too.”


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