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Marouane Chamakh on competing with Robin van Persie at Arsenal

Speaking on BeIN Sports yesterday, recently-retired Moroccan attacker Marouane Chamakh discussed his competition for places with Robin van Persie at Arsenal.

“It was something that I accepted and that I struggled to hide. I took advantage of his injury to get an experience in the English league. It went really well for the first 6 months, until Robin came back from injury. I didn’t really understand at the start what made him an indisputable starter. Then Boxing Day comes around, Arsène says to me that he wants to give me a rest and that he was going to bring Robin back into the fold little by little. He came in and all he would do was score goal after goal. From an objective standpoint, I couldn’t go to Arsène and say to him “I am the one who should play,” because Robin Van Persie was better than me in every department. What I wanted, was maybe to have a bit more playing time. That is maybe the only regret, to have not played alongside him more.”


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