Megan Rapinoe: “Gianni Infantino would not be speaking about homophobia & racism if I was not on the scene.”

Speaking as part of her France Football interview following winning the Women’s 2019 Ballon D’Or, Megan Rapinoe implored the world’s biggest footballers to take more of a stand on issues affecting minorities in all walks of life.

“The president of the United States tweets about me. I must no doubt annoy him… Gianni Infantino (FIFA President) would not be speaking about homophobia and racism if I was not on the scene. For a long time, he has not touched these subjects. Now, he knows that I am here, with others, we will not stop bothering him. Making noise forces people with responsibilities to react. Moreover, because of hearing us, anonymous people all over the world say we our demands of equal pay, to fight against racism or sexism are legitimate. Le Ballon D’Or is going to allow me to speak even more directly to players.”

“The big stars don’t commit to any issue! (Raheem) Sterling and (Kalidou) Koulibaly, they, at least, have spoken because they have suffered from racist abuse, but who else? I am striving to put the big names to task to speak up. I do not care about being a bother.”

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