Memphis Depay reacts scathingly to donkey banner aimed at team-mate: “I am furious.”

Speaking to RMC Sport after qualifying for the Champions’ League knock-out rounds with a 2-2 draw against RB Leipzig, Lyon captain Memphis Depay reacted in anger at a fan who ran onto the pitch at full-time with a banner showing a donkey and the words: “Marcelo leave the club,” in an apparent stand against the often criticised Brazilian central defender.

“Look at me! What do you see? Anger? I am furious, I am angry, I do not really know what to say to be honest, I don’t know. This was not our best match but we have qualified. We arrived on the pitch, we played with our hearts to qualify. We knew just how important it was to play this match, it was very important for us. It is extremely difficult for a team to play knowing that one of us is in conflict with the supporters, that he is not supported by our fans. What do you expect from our team? That we thank supporters who insult our families? No, but honestly, here, I need to be a bit prudent, I am reminded of my life, my past, I don’t want to be that man. I have grown up, I have become more calm but I don’t have words for this. It makes no sense to play in a full stadium if after a match we can’t celebrate together with our fans. As a team, we have belief in each player as individuals… Yes I ran after the supporter with the banner to tell him: “Stop! Calm down, put this annoying banner down for everyone’s sake.” Who has time for this type of thing? We all have children, we all have work, who has the time to paint a donkey on a flag? If you have time to do these sort of things, have a look at yourself, do something else. If you come to the stadium, you should support us. We like your support but you must support everyone! Not only the players you choose and put the others to one side… We are talking about the qualification in the dressing room, we are incredibly proud. We did not start the match well, they played well. To pull a draw out of the bag, it means that we had a good spirit, it is improving.”

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