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Nantes intend to lodge a complaint to FIFA as Cardiff City continue to withhold payments for Emiliano Sala

20 Minutes report that Ligue 1 side Nantes intend to lodge a formal complaint to FIFA if Cardiff City continue to withhold transfer payments due for Argentine striker Emiliano Sala, who was officially pronounced dead last night.

The first instalment, €6m, of the €17m transfer, was due to be paid by the Welsh side before the end of January. On the 21st of last month, the day on which Sala disappeared, the transfer from Nantes to Cardiff City was officially ratified by FIFA through the registration of an International Transfer Agreement (ITC).

The BBC claim that Nantes have given Cardiff City a 10-day ultimatum to make the 1st payment outstanding before they approach international football authorities.

Nantes have given their say on situation to 20 Minutes:

“Cardiff are playing for time in this situation, this affair is in the hands of the lawyers of the two parties.”

Nantes invited Cardiff representatives to come for the homage to Emiliano Sala that played out earlier last week during the Nantes vs St Étienne Ligue 1 fixture. The Welsh club rejected the invitation. During these contacts, Nantes brought up the payment situation.

The deal was structured whereby the €17m fee payable to Nantes for Emiliano Sala would be due in three instalments: one at the end of January, one in one year’s time and a final payment in two year’s time.


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