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Nantes President Waldemar Kita reacts to Emiliano Sala disappearance

Speaking on TV channel CNEWS, Nantes President Waldemar Kita learned of the news of striker Emiliano Sala’s disappearance over the English Channel last night in real-time and responded as follows.

“I think that he came back because he wanted to say goodbye to his friends. He was a polite, kind and adorable boy, loved by everyone. He was very respectful, very courteous. I am thinking about his family and all his friends. For the rest, we don’t know yet. I am still hoping that it is not finished, that he is somewhere, that he will be there. I have just found about this like you have, like the journalists. I was not even aware that he was at Nantes. He is no longer owned by Nantes, he does what he wants. And I say that because I am still hopeful that we will find him.”



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