Neymar: “Only God is perfect.”

Speaking in an interview with France Football released in full tomorrow, Brazilian and PSG superstar Neymar discussed who he is behind the cameras and his views on leadership.

“The real Neymar, very few people know him. My parents and my friends only. What people see, is something completely different. And in the end, they see very little! The real Neymar, he is very calm, very happy. He is someone who likes being with his friends and family a lot. I like to enjoy myself, savour every moment in life like everyone else.”

“But what is model behaviour? Do you think that perfection exists? Only God is perfect. Everyone has their little indiscretions. A leader, is someone who must help the team to win, to take them towards victory. That can be the captain, or it can be the person who scores goals. Each person has their own way of being a leader, and each has their own virtues.”

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