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Neymar Sr announces that his son is in contract extension talks with PSG

Speaking in an interview with UOL, Neymar Sr discussed his son’s future at Ligue 1 champions PSG.

“He is in the 2nd year of his contract (with PSG), so he still has another three years before the end of his contract. And we are already talking about a contract extension with PSG… His name has been the subject of rumours ever since he was 17, from the moment that he made his professional debuts. Neymar has only experienced two transfers in his life but there has been speculation for 10 years. The probability that he doesn’t leave is too big.”

“People say “Neymar is in all the transfer rumours to all the big clubs in each window.” That signifies that his career is being well managed, he is always amongst the names (that matter). But that does not mean that he will go to one club or another.”


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