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Neymar Sr & Eric Cantona came to blows at the Parc des Princes earlier this week

RMC report that Neymar Sr, the PSG attacker’s father, and Manchester United legend Eric Cantona came to blows in a VIP box at the Parc des Princes during the two club’s 2nd leg fixture earlier this week, which resulted in the Ligue 1 champions’ elimination from the Champions’ League.

Several minutes after the end of the match, whilst Neymar’s entourage was digesting the encounter in their own box alongside friends of Dani Alves and Marquinhos’ brother Luan, Eric Cantona and one of his friends provoked the Brazilians by doing a shush gesture by putting his finger to his mouth and other gestures designed to provoke.

An act that Neymar Sr was not happy with, viewing it as a lack of respect to him and PSG.

Neymar Sr then got out of his box to go to the one where Eric Cantona and one of his best friends were, and this is when Cantona then launched an insult at Neymar Sr, who angrily shoved Cantona’s friend in response.

Security services and stewards were on hand to diffuse the situation before a fight broke out – Neymar Jr was not present during the altercation as he was in the dressing room.

Eric Cantona was ushered to the Manchester United dressing room where he took photos with Sir Alex Ferguson and others.


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