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Neymar Sr on his son’s future: “Fans can sleep peacefully – today, Neymar does not want to leave PSG.”

Speaking in an interview with RMC Sport, Neymar Sr, the Brazilian attacker’s father, discussed his son’s future at PSG.

On how Neymar is feeling:

Joyous. To know that he is not very far away from coming back onto the pitch. That is where he is happiest. The expectations are great. He comes back with a clear objective: the Coupe de France final is on the 27th April. It is his desire to be on the pitch and win this title with PSG. That is what is important to him: to win titles with the club to reach his objective: the joy of winning.

How Neymar felt about the Champions’ League elimination:

I think that this is one of the only times that I’ve seen him sad, not only because of the elimination but also because he was not able to help his club because he was not on the pitch. Especially when you take into account how they were eliminated. PSG’s qualification was basically a sure thing and the return of Neymar for the Champions’ League matches after that. So that was very sad for us, for our fans, the club and especially for Neymar because he was not present on the pitch to help his team-mates.

On if PSG are more respected in Europe:

I think so, yes. This union between Neymar and PSG has brought increased visibility for French football. Not just for PSG, but also for Ligue 1. That puts France in the spotlight. There are world champions who are playing for PSG, in France, it is important to respect and admire the league. France’s value is rising, the world is turning towards France.

On his son’s connection with Kylian Mbappé:

Great players like to play with other great players… When they watch each other, they see things mutually, a great player and despite how young he is. Mbappé is a phenomenon, he is even younger than Neymar. They are two players who think the same way. They want to win and are very courageous. They get on well and work well together. Anyone who likes football wants to see these two playing together. In a short amount of time, Neymar will be back and they will be back together again.

On Neymar’s life in Paris:

He likes the food, the fashion. He is someone fun and relaxed. He is always doing something. Me I like a good glass of wine from time to time. Neymar does not go out much but he goes to see the cultural sites in Paris. He is having a lot of fun but is often holed up at home because he has this responsibility to train a lot.

On Neymar’s future:

The contract is long with PSG. We are only in the 2nd season and it is not even finished. We have a contract, we are not even halfway through the contract. We have to be calm. These departure rumours still exist, we cannot have a player like Neymar without people, clubs dreaming of him. Neymar’s desire to be at PSG has been expressed for two years. So the fans can sleep well: today Neymar does not want to leave PSG, he wants to continue at PSG, get back on the field, be able to help the club to win titles.


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