Neymar talks up Kylian Mbappé’s return: “I’m happy that he’s back with his joy and his game.”

Speaking in the mixed zone following PSG’s 1-0 victory in Bordeaux this evening, Brazilian attacker Neymar reacted to scoring the winner for a third consecutive weekend.

How do you feel having been crucial three times in the last four matches?

I am happy to be able to help my team. I am happy to score, to win points and I want to continue like this.

Kylian Mbappé posted a photo where he says that he should give you more assists…

Yes, he spoke to me about it in the dressing room. He watched the video and said to me: “I could give you the ball more.” We have a good connection, we get on very well on the pitch and off of it. I am very happy that he has come back with his joy and his game. I am not the only one, the whole of PSG is happy that he is back.

What specifically do you like about him?

He is one of the best players in the world. Each time that he is on the pitch, things are easier, with his capacity to be quick. All players like to play alongside good players, I am not the only one.

Are things going better with fans?

Yes, a lot better. It is like a relationship with your girlfriend. When things aren’t going well, you don’t speak with her. With lots of love and cuddles everything will be back to normal. I am here to help PSG, to fulfil my role as a player for this club. I will give my life on the pitch for PSG’s success and for us to celebrate that together.


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