Nicolas Pépé: “It is easier for us to have a dialogue with Freddie Ljungberg.”

Speaking in an interview with RMC Sport after last night’s 3-0 drubbing at the hands of Manchester City, Arsenal and Ivorian winger Nicolas Pépé sought to protect Freddie Ljungberg.

“Yes with this goal that we concede very, very quickly, it is for sure that this did not help us much at all. We saw that this Manchester City side is very efficient in front of goal. Three transitions, three goals in the space of 25 minutes which kills the game unfortunately. We tried to remain compact and united in order not to concede more goals.”

“Against a team like that you have to be aggressive on the second ball, first ball you need to be really solid. Sadly, we were not during 30 minutes because it was these transition phases where they were convincing. We tried in the second half to resolve things by at first being solid, not conceding any more goals, and then to be united and make efforts not to concede and create chances for, why not, our attackers to score. We didn’t score but we are going to try to quickly get back into the swing of things for the match against Everton.”

“You are right, things have not changed. It is the same as with the last coach (Emery) who was here. Freddie is also trying to change things but it is the same. What it comes down to is us, it is up to us to rectify things, not the coach. Aside from that, it is certain that the coach is closer to the players, because he was a player himself not a long time ago, so it is easier for us to have a dialogue with him. We are going to continue to find the right path. We are not particularly concerned (about the uncertainty surrounding Ljungberg’s position), it is a situation that I have experienced at Lille, but it did not concern us that much, we continued to work and whatever happens, with Freddie or someone else, it will be the same.”

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