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Official | Lyon President Aulas confirms Juninho – Sylvinho double hire

Speaking to OL TV following tonight’s 4-0 win over SM Caen, Lyon President Jean-Michel Aulas confirmed the double-hiring of former club legend Juninho as the club’s new Sporting Director and Sylvinho as his team’s new Head Coach.

“The decision is made we had to make a decision in a very confidential manner. Juninho is coming, he knows me, he knows where he is, I worked a lot with him when he was at the club as a player. And then we stayed in contact, and then we never know what happens. We are going to work together with everything we achieved this year, everything that our infrastructure has achieved. He will come as soon as possible, we have sorted out in recent days the arrival of Sylvinho, who we have taken out of contract with the Brazilian federation, it wad not very simple. I don’t think there would have been many clubs capable of convincing the Brazilian representatives. So there you go, before the end of May, we will have these nice people arriving.”


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