Olivier Giroud on homophobia: “I am an advocate for tolerance. Banners in stadiums are unacceptable.”

Speaking in an interview with RMC, France and Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud was asked about the ongoing homophobia controversy in French football.

“I am an advocate for tolerance. The banners are unacceptable in stadiums or in everyday life. We have no right to see these sorts of things, just like racism which has reared its ugly head with Romelu Lukaku. We all must fight against all forms of hate together to eradicate them.”

On match interruptions in Ligue 1 instigated by the referee upon hearing supposedly homophobic chanting:

It is not up to me to take the decision. But I think that there are other ways for the authorities, to simply ban these types of banners and certain behaviours that should not be displayed.


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