Ousmane Dembélé’s agent releases statement: “He does not for one second wish to leave Barcelona.”

In a statement from Barcelona’s French international winger Ousmane Dembélé’s agent Moussa Sissoko, the deal-maker sought to quash speculation linking his client with a move away from the club this summer.

“I want to clarify in a firm and definitive way the situation of Ousmane Dembélé. Despite speculations and other articles in the media, Ousmane has not for a second had the intention of leaving FC Barcelona. That has been the fixed path for several months now and no element is capable of deviating us from that. Ousmane feels perfectly well at the club and remains determined to succeed there for the long term. Despite approaches from several big European clubs, Ousmane is convinced that he is part of the biggest of all clubs and all is here for him to excel. Ousmane is aware of what he needs to accomplish daily to ensure that his Barcelona adventure is full of success. Sadly, his injury has momentarily stopped him in his desire to achieve a great season, demonstrated by him beginning pre-season one week earlier than asked.”

“But it has no bearing on his thirst for success and he is hell-bent on coming back as quickly as possible to respond notably to the unfounded conspiracies that dishonestly try to dirty his image. His determination is also not at all threatened by what people can say about the transfer window and possible arrivals. To be part of a club as prestigious and ambitious as FC Barcelona necessitates a naturally competitive environment, which improves and spurs on every player. That is in any case the view anchored into Ousmane’s mindset who is not at all worried about any claims, rumours or claims that may be made against him. Ousmane is a Barcelona man and will remain so 1000% with the firm desire to honour the club’s colours.” 

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