Patrice Evra on his social media activity: “I used to always be against social media.”

Speaking in an interview with Le Figaro in conjunction with the announcement of his retirement from football, 38-year-old French left-back Patrice Evra discussed his social media activity.

The end of your career is notable for your time at Marseille & West Ham and also your social media presence and use of Instagram. What goes through your head doing some of those videos?

It is strange but I have always been against social media. I reached the age of 35. I looked at Paul Pogba and Antoine Griezmann who loved all that in the French national team. I told them to stop with their silliness. I was completely out of step. I did not need to show the world how much of a madman I was. I found out that someone had created a fake account with photos of my wife and my children. So I asked Paul and those around him about what the necessary procedure was. And I was forced to make a certified and official account. They had me. And then everything began. One video, then two, etc… People like my positive energy. The “I love this game” was born out of that. I share my craziness and it works.

You sometimes go too far, like that images of you licking a chicken… Are you aware that you shock people?

I saw that this video created controversy certainly. It was Thanksgiving, I wanted to make a joke, I bought a chicken, although it was supposed to be a turkey, and then I went delirious. People thought I was a crazy person and in all honesty I don’t care what people think about all that. This videos are not planned, I wake up, I put music on and I go. There are certain people in my head, I must admit it. I am a crazy person, but a nice crazy person. I am not vengeful or a bitter person. These I could continue doing as a player, but as a coach, that won’t be possible anymore. And there, I think will maybe have to stop.


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