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PSG President Al Khelaifi plays down Arsène Wenger links

Speaking a press conference last night during which he formally announced PSG’s new shirt sponsor, Accor Hotels, President Nasser Al Khelaifi was asked about potential movement in the Sporting Director role.

You met with Arsène Wenger last week in Qatar? Might he have a role to play in the near future at PSG?

I am tired for answering these type of questions. I have a very good relationship with Arsène. I am close to him, I have known him for a long time. He is a magnificent manager and coach. He has a very complete and exquisite knowledge of football. But we have a Sporting Director, Antero Henrique, who I believe in greatly. I am hearing non-stop in the media that Arsène will take his job. It is too much. Let us get on with our work please. Antero is doing a very good job. He will continue with us. He stays here.

Antero Henrique will therefore still be in place next season?

Yes, that is certain.

So there is no collaboration with Arsène Wenger in the works?



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